Industries that are looking promising for 2021

Although we’ve hit a very difficult year with many industries being hit by the pandemic and reducing significantly in size, there are a number of different industries that have expanded and are actually thriving despite the current climate.

We spoke to Rebecca from SimkissGuy recruitment. They have spotted this massive shift and if you’ve had your job affected by the pandemic, they have noted the top industries that are looking promising coming into 2021 that might just help with your next job search.

Digital and technology

Since the pandemic, the world has moved considerably more online, so no surprises that the digital and technology industry is thriving right now and has become a massive game change.

With education such as schools and university now needing online platforms now more than ever, retail steering towards more online sales and companies setting up office workers remotely – the digital world is thriving. This means that we are seeing, and may see in 2021 a huge increase in companies taking on more digital-based roles.


The current pandemic situation has shone an incredible light onto the healthcare industry. We are more aware now than ever how important our NHS and healthcare system is and with the astonishing pressure it’s now under, there are a vast amount of job roles opening up within the industry.

That’s not just in key health workers such as doctors, nurses and care assistants – there is also an increase in the need for all NHS workers

There is also an increase in demand in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, opening up many job opportunities here, from research to selling and buying.

Not only is there a rise in job opportunities, but many people are looking to a brand new career within the industry after being inspired by stories and the current health crisis situation. Many people are re-evaluating their career choice and want to do something better – to help people.


The education industry never stops and is expanding and growing as new online and remote learning platforms are being developed. As schools and universities take the plunge and take their learning online, other education providers (OSC included) are thriving as more people are choosing to upskill or retrain during their spare time to better themselves and their careers.


Although there was a slight decline during lockdown, the property industry is booming, particularly residential properties. This may be down to lockdown making people revaluate their home space, with many house purchases happening outside of cities. It is now thriving and property could be a very exciting new industry to get into.

Entrepreneurial (creation of new businesses)

Many people have taken this opportunity through lockdown to reconsider who they work for – and lockdown has inspired many to innovate and create new businesses for themselves. Baking companies have been on the rise as well as independent financial services.

It's not all doom and gloom as we go into 2021 and research is just needed to see which other industries could be on the rise next year as we gradually start adapting to the new ‘normal’.

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Industries that are looking promising for 2021