How to stay focused on studying

Do you struggle to stay focused on studying?
Focusing on your studies is a tough task. There are distractions everywhere- phones, tablets, TV, Netflix. We've never had so much opportunity to procrastinate. So here are a few tips to help you stay focused on studying and get the most out of your learning.

Organise your space

By studying in a tidy environment you are more likely to concentrate, focus on your studies, and get it done. You should remove anything that can distract you and only have your study materials on the desk. Aim to spend 10 minutes cleaning at the end of every day, to help you maintain your organised study place. Turn your phone off and hide it in your draw until later, to stop temptation.

Make a to-do list

By making a to-do list at the beginning of every day or week, will allow you to become more focused. You should prioritise your work, starting with the hardest tasks first. This will allow you to spend longer on them. Finish your day with the easier or more manageable tasks, as you will be less motivated. You should also prioritise to meet deadlines, this way you can spread out your workload.

Manage your study time

Make sure you allow a reasonable time frame to complete tasks. Write at the side of the to-do list how long the task will take to complete. You will then be able to fit your other commitments in with your schedule. You may also want to break down harder tasks with shorter, easier ones. This will help you stay motivated.

Give yourself a break from studying

Remember to give yourself a break. We know that you will have lots to do with your studies, but allow time to relax. For every hour of studying you should give yourself at least a 5-10 minute break. Giving your brain a break, will help you concentrate more when you get back to your studying. To remind yourself to have a break set a timer to go off every hour of studying. Try not to sit in the same place all day. Get up and go for a walk.

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How to stay focused on studying