How are you going to celebrate this book lover's day?

For many of us relaxing with a good book can be one of life’s greatest pleasures and given that it is National Book Lovers Day this is the best opportunity to lose yourself in a book for hours! Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Book Lover’s Day:

Visit your local library

Dig out your library card and get yourself to your local library. And if you don’t already own a card this is an opportunity you shouldn’t refuse. So go and grab yourself a pile of books and dive into new exciting worlds, whilst the comforting smell of old books surrounds you. I would suggest bringing along a bag – you be surprised how many books interest you!

Throw your own book themed party

If you want to go all out for National Book Lovers Day why not throw your own party. Have everyone dressed up as a character from their favourite book and serve food featured in some of your favourite books. For example create Wonka chocolate bars from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or make your very own butterbeer from Harry Potter.

Spend the day with your book

How does putting on your most comfortable clothes and curling up on the coach with a great book sound? If you’re like me then that sounds perfect! So put the kettle on, get comfy and treat yourself to some quality reading time!

Show your books some love

If you are a book lover, why not use today to show your books some love? This is your opportunity to organise, clean and rearrange your books and if you need to put up another shelf or bookcase do it! Don’t leave your books lying about; treat them with care and affection.

Discussing your favourite book

Why not hold your own book meeting? Invite family and friends round to discuss their favourite books and share your love of words with others. Most importantly try to encourage children and young adults in your life to read – they won’t regret it!
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How are you going to celebrate this book lover's day?