Brush up on your knowledge with a Health and Safety course

Did you know that more than a million people suffer injuries due to improper Health and Safety in the workplace?
Did you know that if there is a spillage, a member of staff should guard the area until a suitable sign is put up or it is efficiently cleaned?
If not, employees or customers are entitled to compensation if they slip on this spillage.
So, it makes sense to ensure that your workplace is equipped with the correct standards.
A training course could be the difference between life and death.

What is a Health and Safety course?

A Health and Safety course is a theory- and practical-based form of training that informs people of the rules and regulations regarding health and safety.
It is a vital part of the law to ensure that all employees within a company or establishment are fully trained and aware of their personal responsibilities. This can be outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
Effective training will:

  • Ensure that people who work with/for you are aware of how to work without risks to health or safety
  • Guarantee that your company meets its legal requirements
  • Help you to avoid extensive costs such as compensation and increased insurance
  • Reduce the number of casualties

Which course is best for me?

There are various courses that you may want to consider. Studying a distance learning course with Open Study College allows you to work alongside your studies, and therefore enables you to implement what you have learnt straight away.
Health and Safety - this knowledge-based course gives a general overview of the rules and regulations regarding health and safety.
Health and Safety Level 3 Advancing on the previous course, this Level 3 course adds depth to your knowledge. Understand the legal framework and risks associated with the workplace as well as how to prevent accidents.
Health and Safety in Licensed Retail – similar to the above, but this course specialises in the field of retail; specific rules are required to ensure a risk-free environment is created for customers and employees.
Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2 gain the knowledge to implement a health a safety-certified environment for your staff. Learn about topics from policies and procedures, to management systems and rules.
If you want to avoid any casualties or penalties, brush up on your knowledge with a course today.
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Brush up on your knowledge with a Health and Safety course