Open Study College's Ultimate Guide to Surviving Freshers Week

First of all, congratulations on getting your place at university. You're about to embark on some of the best years of your life! But, before anything else, you have to get through freshers week.

Freshers week is a scary but exciting time. It's the perfect chance to meet likeminded students, try new things, maybe join some societies and just have some fun before the hard work begins! It's also a time for 'first times'.

The first time you've lived away from home. The first time you've used the washing machine. The first time you've had to cook...

Some of you (if not all) will be feeling particularly anxious about it

Whether you are alumni of Open Study College, fresh out of a traditional college or returning back to education - we are here to help you on the first step of your new and exciting journey.

Here's the ultimate guide to surviving your first few weeks of university.

Take a piece of home

If you're living away from home at university, homesickness is one thing you will definitely experience at some point.
You're in a completely new environment - often a totally new part of the country, so it's important to take a little bit of home with you.

This can be anything from your room at home, pictures of friends and family, your favourite teddy (you're never too old), your favourite blanket  - literally anything that will be of some comfort to you!

Make the space your own. You'll be spending a lot of time here so make it comfortable.

Be brave

We know socialising is hard. Socialising with new people is even harder.
So be BRAVE.

You must remember that literally everyone is in the same boat as you.

That person sat next to you on the introductory lecture is probably feeling the same. Engage with them.

Introduce yourself. Say 'Hi'. Or even if that seems too daunting, a simple smile. Even if you just raise an eyebrow to them when the lecturer cracks a bad joke.

Trust us, you'll thank us later when that person is your best friend a year down the line.

Make use of the Freshers fair

This is set up purely for freshers week, so make use of it! It's the perfect opportunity to find societies you may want to join. This is also an ideal time to challenge yourself and try something new.
Sign up to a club or society whether that's something you are already interested in or something completely obscure. Not only will this help you meet new friends and likeminded people, but it's also a great chance to focus on something else other than your studies.

Don't just focus on one either - sign up to several. Jump into the deep end...head first!

Bag loads of free stuff - pens, bags, sweets, vouchers get it all! You're going to need it.

Try to attend all the social events

By this, we really don't mean go out every night, (although if your liver can manage - go for it).  Grimy nightclubs and drinking don't appeal to everyone.

Instead, we mean any kind of socialising.  If the flat next door invites you for pizza - go. If your housemates want to explore the city, discover it with them.

Most universities will hold a range of alternatives during freshers week. These included comedy nights, board game afternoons and organised activities. They are another great opportunity to meet new people.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

University isn't for everyone and freshers week can be very overwhelming. Don't be afraid to admit to yourself that you're not enjoying it. If at any point you are feeling stressed, anxious, upset or worried ask for help and advice.

All universities will have a student advice centre that you can go to when you're feeling worried about something! They are there to help - so make use of it!

Enjoy yourself! Your university journey will be a mixture of ups and downs but if you're studying the right course and surround yourself with the best people, they will be the best years of your life!

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Open Study College’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving Freshers Week