This fast food restaurant forked out £15000 on a health and safety disaster!

This fats food restaurant had a health and safety disaster. You can avoid making the same mistakes by studying our health and safety course.
Preventing accidents in the workplace is very important especially in a busy environment – which is what this business totally disregarded. A girl working in a fast food outlet suffered severe burns to her left hand and forearm when her hand went into a deep fat fryer containing oil at a temperature of 360°F. This happened due to slipping on water that was leaking from an ice-making machine and putting her hand out to help stop her fall.
On the day of the accident the team leader who monitors workplace safety was working on the tills, due to being short staffed. Company policy was to mop up spillages, however in busy times it was common practice to leave them and cover them up with cardboard – Well this was defiantly an accident waiting to happen!
Giving priority to serving customers rather than cleaning spillages when they were busy was a wrong move for this fast food shop, which left them prosecuted and a fine of £15,000. This health and safety disaster really could have been avoided!
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This fast food restaurant forked out £15000 on a health and safety disaster!