Improve your skills with these creative writing exercises

Unless you’ve just got the gift, it can be quite hard to write creatively.
Our minds are constantly working overtime trying to process everyday thoughts so sometimes there is barely room for anything else.
But here’s the saving grace: if you can talk, you can write.
You may need to brush up on your spelling and grammar, but if you are confident and fluent in your speech then writing should come naturally.
So, if you’re trying to become the next J.K. Rowling or Roald Dahl, then it's essential that you come up with the wackiest and most creative thoughts possible.
Or maybe you’re more of a Charlotte Bronte or Khaled Hosseini? Either way you need to know how to present your words in order to create the best piece of fiction yet!
And here’s how:

Creative Writing Exercises

  • Magazine Puzzle

Take a selection of old magazines or newspapers and cut out a few words from each (or just write them down but this way is more fun!) Take the pieces and create a story using the words.

  • Hello, you!

Write a letter to your former or future self. Tell yourself all the things you wish you could have heard or all the things you want to have achieved.

  • Rule of 3

Choose 3 questions about anything. Answer the questions. Repeat twice.

  • Stream of Consciousness

Take a blank page and start writing. Let whatever comes to mind be transformed onto the page. Write for a minimum of a full page and then re-read over your work.

  • New Vocabulary

Make up a selection of new random words; 5 is a good start. Take each new word and write a definition for each word. Then, use each word in a sentence before trying to link each sentence to create a paragraph.
These creative writing exercises will allow your mind to work outside of its usual capacity. Creativity will flow and your words will work their magic, allowing you to write naturally.
And if these exercises aren’t quite enough, take a look at our Creative Writing Level 3 course.
Created for the Shakespeareans of the modern world, this course covers everything from poets to prose, rhyming and free verse.
It will allow you to develop your skills and learn from the best with the support of a personal tutor.
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Improve your skills with these creative writing exercises