How Our Childcare Courses Can Help Your Career

If you’re thinking about a career in childcare, there has never been a better time to start. As one of the most rewarding careers, more and more people have been jumping on the bandwagon, and if this sounds like you, our childcare courses are the perfect choice to help kick-start your career.

What skills do I need to start a career in childcare?

You need a certain set of characteristics and skills to be successful in any career – both personally and professionally. Those who work with children need to be approachable, friendly and patient, as well as having great communication and understanding.
While we can’t help with the personality side of things… we do have the skills and educational aspects covered!

Which courses are best for me? 

Our CACHE courses are the best way to kick-start your learning. As the UK’s leading specialist organisation for children and education, this qualification is nationally recognised and will prepare you for further learning and career development.
At Open Study College, we offer a varied selection of courses that can fit around you and your career needs. With up to 19 different courses, there is something that will suit your ability and help you on your way.
Different areas within childcare require different types of qualifications. Say you were looking to start in Home Care, our Level 3 Award in Preparing to Work in Home Based Childcare is one of the best to teach you what you need to know. Whereas those looking to work in a school, the Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools is the way forward. Whatever the sector - there are options to suit.

How do I get started?

The minimum requirement for working in childcare in the UK is a Level 2 course, however, specific institutions may have their own requirements.  If you have something particular in mind, it is best to find out about this before committing to any course.
We have options that suit your career plans, whether you are a beginner or part-way into your learning.
Take a look through our courses and choose the best one for you, before beginning your journey to becoming a childcare professional.

Interested in our courses?

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How Our Childcare Courses Can Help Your Career