Returning to education: Anneka's story

Juggling studying and being a mum Having completed two courses at Open Study College, Anneka enjoys the fact that her studies fit perfectly around her family life, allowing her to learn while her children are at school and nursery. Anneka said: “So far, I have studied two courses and completed both Level 3 Counselling and […]

Why retiree student, Marilyn, loves online learning

“I am 70 going on 29 years old. This is my tenth course with Open Study College, and I hope there will be more. To retirees thinking about taking a course online, I would say go for it” Marilyn, 70 In the last seven years, Marilyn has completed ten online courses with Open Study College […]

Studying in your seventies: John's story

“It’s important to keep the intellect alive in later years and completing a course and receiving the accreditation acts as a tremendous boost to one’s mental health.” John, 74, South Gloucestershire John has studied a number of courses over a period of five years with Open Study College. Several of his other courses were based […]

How Debbie changed career to become a personal fitness trainer

“Distance learning has always appealed to me as the convenience of learning at home, at times that fit around my schedule, is the only method of continued learning I can dedicate myself to as a busy parent.” Debbie, 40, Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition student Debbie is a self-employed fitness instructor, but she didn’t begin […]

How HR student Katie's studying benefited her career

“I secured a job in HR in part because I was already studying with OSC, and therefore showing that I was willing to engage in personal development and career advancement in the area.” HR student, Katie, 34 As a business development and assurance officer in the HR department of her local county council, Katie was […]

How Jasmine juggles studying with a busy life

“If you have a busy life like me then I highly recommend studying with Open Study College.” Jasmine, 23 Second in the UK and sixth in the world in her category, Jasmine is a competitive dancer, so needs to ensure that her studies fit alongside her full-time job, part-time business and her greatest passion, dancing. […]

Rose-Anna studies alongside running her own business

“This type of learning fits much better with the rest of my responsibilities as a mother but also alongside the accountancy business that I run.” Rose-Anna, 32, Hastings Having just completed her ICB Diploma in Payroll Management via distance learning with Open Study College, Rose-Anna, is a single parent running her own business. She said: […]

Imuetinyan enjoys the convenience of distance learning

“If you’re thinking about distance learning then I’d say do it. Learn a new skill – especially in this period of uncertainty. Upskilling yourself is the best way to thrive, both personally and professionally!” Imuetinyan, 30, London Imuetinyan has just completed his Counselling Level 3 course through Open Study College with the hope to pursue […]

Support worker Jessica finds her dream job

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks to Open Study College I’m now working full time in my chosen career.”  Jessica, 18, Suffolk  Jessica recently completed her Level 2 certificate in the principles of working with individuals with learning disabilities, studying with us. She is now in her chosen career as a support worker for […]

Gemma studies five OSC courses

Gemma is a real believer in distance learning – having studied not one, not two, but four courses with Open Study College. She is currently in the process of studying aromatherapy, which will be her fifth course.   “Distance learning is perfect for me as I can’t attend a college due to health conditions,” she explains.  […]