Top 5 STEM jobs for Women

STEM is an abrreviation for science, technology, engineering and maths. If you want a job that will make an impact on the world, look no further than the STEM industry, where jobs are set to excel, even in uncertain times. Here are the top 5 STEM jobs for women.  It is well known that STEM careers are mainly male dominated. The actual percentage of women in STEM jobs include […]

Can I take A Levels as an adult?

Flexible learning  If you choose a ‘traditional’ college-run course, you will be required to attend set classes throughout the week, at certain times of the year. You will be taught and given support in-line with term times, with little contact outside of these hours.  This is perfect for you if you like your time to be structured or you […]

Hayley fits her learning around being a mother

“Distance learning gives me the freedom to learn whilst being a mother. It gives me confidence that I can build my future.”   Hayley is a 30-year-old student studying Forensic Science Level 3 with us. She is halfway through her course and has already successfully completed another course – all whilst being a mother and publishing her own book.   […]

Funding for employees to study courses

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the £12m Supplier Skills Programme, which offers small to medium sizes businesses within eligible areas of Worcestershire and the West Midlands the opportunity to access grant funding to develop and upskill their employees.   The programme is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and managed by Birmingham City Council, and is something that […]

A Day in the Life of a Teaching Assistant - Marie's Story

A teaching assistant is a vital role within the school community. They assist the teacher with daily classroom and teaching responsibilities, and also act as a role model to children and help to educate future generations. Marie Copeland has been a teaching assistant for 20 years. She loves the job and wants to tell her […]

New years resolution ideas

2020 is drawing to a close and now 2021 is approaching upon us. What a horrific year it’s been! Although many of the horrors of 2020 will come with us to the new year, some of your old habits you can leave behind. New year, fresh start. Make yourself feel good again and come up […]

Ideas for a side hustle to top up your income

In these unprecidented times and many people either on furlough or reduced hours, starting up a side hustle to boost your income could be one of the best options! A side business can be run from the comfort of your own home and most involve being online, so all you need is your skills and […]

11 things to do in lockdown

As we have entered a second lockdown, people across the UK will now be plunged into a month of staying indoors with an abundance of free time.  Many of us spent the first lockdown in front of the TV watching Netflix or getting involved in the countless Tiger King ‘Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?’ […]

The benefits of upskilling your staff vs recruiting

 Upskilling is the process of teaching current employees new skills, and upskilling training has so many advantages, from improving employee motivation to saving the company money. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Allow your employees to develop their own career development path and offer the time and resources to help them achieve their […]

Industries that are looking promising for 2021

Although we’ve hit a very difficult year with many industries being hit by the pandemic and reducing significantly in size, there are a number of different industries that have expanded and are actually thriving despite the current climate. We spoke to Rebecca from SimkissGuy recruitment. They have spotted this massive shift and if you’ve had […]