Bring Your Dog to Work Day

The saying goes never work with animals, but as we prepare for Bring Your Dog to Work Day on 21st June, we explore why working with our furry friends may actually be one of the most rewarding jobs out there.
The UK is a nation of animal lovers. With an impressive 11.1 million strong cat population and over 8.9 million dogs, it is clear we enjoy our pets’ company. With initiatives such as bring your dog to work day and over 1.7 million British workplaces considered to be pet friendly it is now more common than ever to find pets by our side all day long.
If you're not lucky enough to work at a company where pets are part of the furniture, how about changing your job to one where animals are the main focus? Several studies suggest that being around animals makes us feel happier and can significantly reduce anxiety and stress. To those working full time with animals, this is one of the many reasons that makes their career so gratifying and enjoyable.

Open Study College student Laila decided to take the leap from working part time as a dog groomer to achieve her goal of becoming a veterinary care assistant.

“I have always wanted to work within a veterinary practice. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember and thanks to Open Study College my dream became a reality. I believe that a classroom is not for everybody and neither are traditional ways of learning. As someone who found school challenging, I definitely recommend distance learning as it allowed me to balance a job whilst studying my Veterinary Assistant course,” said Laila.
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Open Study College has been been offering animal care courses since we first launched in 2007, with students enrolling for personal interest or, like Laila, for career purposes.
Our CEO Samantha Rutter, says: “More people are discovering the benefits of working with animals. Whether domestic or wild, it is a highly rewarding career path.
At Open Study College we provide over 20 flexible learning courses for those wanting to further their knowledge in animal care. The courses cover subjects like animal health, nutrition, behaviour, psychology, or more specialist areas like zoology, veterinary support, ornithology or exotic animal care. There is truly an animal course for everyone, whether you turn your love for animals into a full- time job or simply just to better understand your pet.”
Visit our website for our full range of animal care courses, or call our student advisers on 03300 563100 for more information.

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Bring Your Dog to Work Day