Author's Day – Study our fiction writing course today!

Its Author’s Day so what better time to take on a new challenge then with our fiction writing Level 3 course. This is your chance to put together your very own short story or novel and boost your skills! You never know maybe you could be the next Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer! Take a look at why you should enrol on our Level 3 Fiction Writing course today:

Let your imagination run free

This course will help you put your imagination to paper – however wacky it may seem! You will be able to create your own character, describe a setting using the five senses and come up with your own plot. You will also be able to produce your own piece of writing on your chosen genre - maybe you’ll go for a horror story or perhaps an action story? The choice is yours!

Boost your writing skills

If you want to develop your writing skills then this course is perfect for you! Understand the use of dialogue and monologue; gain the ability to show character emotion and create plans and reviews. You will even explore the secrets of writing including what is meant by the term ‘showing not telling’ and how this can be used in your own writing.

“I've had a fascination with writing and have a lot of time on my hands. The study materials I received were very informative. The tutor support that I received is very helpful and quick. I will be recommending Open Study College to all my friends. I am also thinking depending on how I get on with this course, that I might enrol on another”. – Samantha Andrews

Kick-start your career

Is it your dream to become an author but don’t think you have the confidence? Then this course can boost your skills and knowledge and help kick-start your career. You may even want to take up writing on the side of your other commitments – so what perfect way to learn how to begin then studying our Level 3 Fiction Writing course!
Enrol now on our Level 3 Fiction Writing course!
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Author's Day – Study our fiction writing course today!