5 Tips on how to write the perfect essay

With most of our courses requiring you to write essay’s for your assignments, it is important for you to create the perfect essay. Here are 5 tips on how you can do just that:

Correct Structure

Structure is the key to writing the perfect essay and in order to pass your course you will need to know how to do this correctly. You should always use paragraphs to break down information, this will make it easier to read and enable it to flow in a logical manner. Here is how to structure your essay:

  • Introduction: You should start by introducing and giving background knowledge about the topic.
  • Body: This will contain the theme and argument. Each paragraph should contain a new point and be linked to the subject.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion should inform the reader the most important points that have been made in the body of your essay. You should refrain from including any new information and instead give a comment, resolution or suggestion about the assignment question.

Construct your paragraphs appropriately

Each of your paragraphs will need to meet a certain requirement.

  • Point: You should make a solid point about the essay subject. This will be the area topic which will be discussed in the paragraph. In every paragraph there should be a new point that relates to each other.
  • Evidence: Tell the reader why your statement is true.
  • Explain: Give an example. This needs to be something concrete which gives evidence to your point. Here you should try to use a source to back up your point, this is where you further reading comes in handy!


Planning will only take you a few minutes and will save you a heap of time when writing. It will help you plan out the structure of your essay, whilst allowing you to remember all of the main points you want to include in your essay. Planning is a vital step you should never avoid, as it will prevent you from losing your way when you write. So get planning!

Take a break then go back to it

When you’ve completed your essay take a break. If you can, leave it at least a day. You will then be able to spot mistakes you didn’t notice before! By editing and changing all the errors, you’ll be able to create that perfect essay – fault free!


The more practice you have at writing essays the better they’ll be! So why not create your own questions about your subject and try answering them? Using your course marking scheme adapt it to your question and mark your practice essay accordingly. Remember practice makes perfect!

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5 Tips on how to write the perfect essay