5 Tips on how to Study Whilst Travelling The World

Travel and study work perfectly alongside one another.
Whether you have got the travelling bug and need to be on the move all the time, or you're travelling and fancy studying for a course, distance learning means you can definitely do both!
Here are our top tips on how to study for your course whilst you are travelling.


Before anything else, plan how you are going to study your course. If you have chosen a course with Open Study College, then firstly plan how you are going to study it. If you have opted to study your course online, ensure you are able to access it whilst your away. If you decided on the course pack, make sure you have room to pack it!

Our advice is to choose both so if you are somewhere without an internet connection - you can hit the books instead!

The most important thing when it comes to studying any course is forward planning. So if you're travelling whilst studying - you need to ensure that you have a plan.

By this we don't mean timetabling every single study session and every location. Instead, mark out when your assignments or exams are and have a plan towards these.So if you've got an assignment due, make sure you don't attend a full moon party the day before - chances are you'll probably miss the deadline!

Use your travel time

Buses, trains, planes and airports.

You are going to spend a lot of time on some kind of transport. Whilst to many travellers these are the annoying part - when you have a course to study for they are most definitely your friend.

Make use of the time you spend on them by getting out your study materials and doing a bit of learning.

On a 6 hour bus ride across the country? Kill time by studying for your course.

Got a 14 hour flight ahead of you? Study!

Open Study College student Lewis made use of the time he spent waiting for a plane at an airport by writing an assignment for his course!

Enjoy two things at once

Most people have a bucket list of places they want to see or do whilst away on their travels. If it doesn't involve heavy activity you can study at the same time.

For example, if you are planning to see specific landmark like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Eiffel Tower, then kill two birds with one stone. Bring your study materials to the landmark.

It might sound like a horrible idea to you. But imagine, laying on the grass studying - with the Eiffel Tower as your view...

(You're welcome)

Find Libraries

At some point during your travels, you are going to want somewhere peaceful and quiet to be able to concentrate. If you're staying in a hostel or homestay, distractions are very hard to avoid so you're probably going to want a quiet place to study.

Even if you can concentrate easily - finding somewhere peaceful is a good idea to be able to get your head down properly. Plus libraries are full of books! You may find something useful related to your course.

So even if you're not staying in one location for long - make sure you know where the nearest library is. You may just want to escape there for a couple of hours and get your head into some books!

 Make sure you have downtime

If you have made a travel plan and tried to cram in as much as possible into a short amount of time - the chances are you won't even get a chance to study! Make sure you have plenty of downtime so studying is more likely.

The more time you have to relax, the more likely you are to study. And to study more!

Travel and studying marry perfectly together - if you've planned a gap year, why not study a course as well? When you return back, it could be the difference between getting your dream job straight away and stressing about finding a job when you are back!

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5 Tips on how to Study Whilst Travelling The World