5 tips on how to get back into studying

Has it been years since you last studied? Maybe you have taken a gap year? Or taken time out on maternity leave? There are many reasons why it might have been a while since you last studied so here are 5 tips on how to get back into studying:

Plan before you start

As it has been a while since you last studied you should start by making a plan to get yourself organised and focused. To help with this write down in a planner or on a calendar when you wish to complete your assignments. You will then know how long to spend on each task and it will allow you measure your progress.

Get some sleep

On your time out from studying your sleeping pattern may have changed. You should aim at getting 6-9 hours sleep at night. This will allow your brain to rest and help perform at its peak the following day. Research suggests that sleep plays an important role in memory, both before and after learning a new task. Lack of adequate sleep affects mood, motivation, judgement, and your perception of events. So staying up until 2am hooked on your favourite Netflix series or book needs to be put on hold – sorry guys!

Eliminate distractions

Stop and stay away from any interruptions whilst you study. Put your phone in your draw, even if social media is calling you! You can use your phone again on your break. Tell the people you live with that you are studying and not to interrupt you. They will understand that you need to concentrate and focus on your work.

Create the best study environment

Study somewhere quiet such as in a library or a room in your house. Make sure there are few interruptions when you study. Avoid places where you are likely to run into your friends. Stay concentrated and determined to learn everything you can.

Get back into studying by hitting the ground running

As soon as your course arrives make sure you get started straight away. Not studying for a while will mean that it will take you longer to adjust. Avoid leaving your work until the last minute, as this may reduce your changes of achieving those higher grades. It will take time to get into the swing of things again so take your time!

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Sharnie Carter

Passionate about marketing and education. Currently studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing via distance learning. When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending time with my young son and husband or hinching!

5 tips on how to get back into studying