5 Reasons to Study a Home Learning Course With Us

Is there a subject you always wished you'd studied? Maybe you want to take steps in achieving your dream career. Perhaps you want to take a course in order to get that well deserved promotion.

Home learning is a convenient way of studying for everyone. It enables you to study for a recognised course or qualification from home, without having to attend a college.

Here are 5 reasons why you should study a home learning course with us.

Simple way to study

As we are a distance learning college, all of our courses are specifically designed to be studied at home. This means that you are still able to study for your recognised course or qualification but you cut out the commute to and from a physical college.

It's a convenient way to learn and either progress or change career, especially if you are currently at home and unable to work.

The majority of our courses don't have strict deadlines, meaning you are able to complete your course in as much or as little time as you need. If you have more spare time than usual at the moment, you are able to complete your course in a short timeframe. Just submit your assignments to your tutor as and when you are ready.

Over 600 courses to choose from

We have a huge variety of courses at a range of levels to suit anyone! From accounting to childcare and A Levels and GCSE's, you can choose the right course to suit your career path.

There's no pressure and you can start at any level. We offer level 2 courses, right the way up to level 7.

Accredited Qualifications

Recognised qualifications are very beneficial when it comes to employers, which is why we offer a whole range of them. These include:

Our wide variety of trusted qualifications, could also help you progress in your current role by improving those all-important skills and knowledge. Be pro-active, never settle for what you have, be better!

Student success stories

Our distance learning courses really do help students get where they aspire to be! Whether there's a specific course you need to take in order to get your dream job role or you need to study at a higher level in order to get that promotion you are looking for - we help our students achieve!

"There was a teaching assistant role opening up within the school but I needed a CACHE qualification in order to be considered - there was only 5 months to do it! I enrolled with OSC and was able to complete the course and the required 100 placement hours within the required time. I was offered the job! I’ve now moved onto Level 3 purely for my own personal growth."

Sue. Studying CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

Find out more about how we have helped our students.

Exclusive Discounts

When you study a home learning course with us you'll get top enjoy the perks of becoming a student and make your money go further. You’ll receive a free XO Student discount card which will give you plenty of savings on your favourite brands!

Why not try and a home learning course with us and begin to shape your future and your career.

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5 Reasons to Study a Home Learning Course With Us