5 event management mistakes you need to avoid

Event planning can be very complex, which is why it is easy for managers to make mistakes. Take a look at these 5 event management mistakes you need to avoid in order to become a successful manager. Are you guilty of any of these?

No plan B

Imagine organising an event outside and it starts raining and you have no alternative location. Not only will you have unhappy clients and guests, but you will also go down as one of the worst event managers in history! Make sure you have a back-up plan so nothing can get in your way of providing a successful event that people will remember.

No delegation

Try not to take on too many responsibilities – spread the workload and let other people take control of some of the tasks. We know you want everything to be ‘perfect’ but you need to trust your staff in order to get the job done. Make sure you delegate the tasks that match each of your employees’ skills. You should also recognise when it’s necessary to bring in outside expertise. Have regular meetings to make sure everything and everyone is on track of what needs to be done.

Lack creativity

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of event planning. In order to become the best event manager around you need to be able to create unique memorable events your clients will remember.

Cutting costs

It is crucial for an event manager to understand when costs should be cut and when they shouldn't. Saving money on catering could leave your guests hungry, thirsty, tired, and less likely to feel energised for the event. You need to take your budget into consideration and work out which aspects need to have more money spent on them rather than others.

Not using technology

Using Event management technology computer software will help you do your job more efficiently. You will be able to save time, money and effort. It can also help you to easily share your ideas and budget with the team, whilst allowing them to edit and keep track of any changes.
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5 event management mistakes you need to avoid