3 Reasons to study our marine biology course

Are you interested in studying marine biology? Do you want to explore oceanography, life’s origins, coral reefs, marine life and much more? Then you can by enrolling onto our Marine Biology course. Here’s why you should:

Explore oceans

Our Level 3 course will allow you to gain a fascinating insight into the formation of oceans, properties of seawater and the concept of plate tectonics. You’ll also identify marine life including dolphins, sharks, wales and more and recognise species that live on the sea floor and deep ocean.

Investigate tropical and polar environments

With a unit dedicated to tropical and polar environments, you’ll be able to explore the distribution, structure and anatomy of coral reefs and identify their inhabitants. You’ll also look at the characteristics of The Arctic and Antarctic and find out interesting differences and comparisons between the two.

Kick-start your career

Our Marine Biology Level 3 course is perfect if you want to kick-start your career as a marine biologist, oceanographer, diver, ecologist or biologist. If you love anything to do with oceans and want to increase your earning potential of up to £30,000, a career as a marine biologist is ideal for you.
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3 Reasons to study our marine biology course