3 Reasons why you should study Canine Health and Nutrition

Do you have a passion for dogs and would love to know more about them? Then boost your knowledge in the basic nutritional requirements and the health  of canines in our Level 3 course. Take a look at these 3 reasons why you should:

Gain an insight into the correct diet for dogs

Our Level 3 course will enable you to explore the nutritional requirements for healthy puppies, adult, both working and companion and geriatric dogs. You’ll be able to investigate the concerns with dog food manufacturers advertisements and know how to pick the best diet for your dog.

Explore the effects of poor nutrition

In this unit, you’ll gain an insight into the development and behaviour problems caused by poor nutrition. You’ll be able to identify the effects of increased protein in a canine’s diet and know the health issues caused by a decreased intake of nutrients.

Achieve your dream career

If you’ve always wanted to work with dogs then our Level 3 course can help you kick-start your dream career as a canine nutritionist, pet food nutritionist or vet.
Study canine health and nutrition in our Level 3 course!
Take a look at our canine Health and Nutrition Level 3 course

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3 Reasons why you should study Canine Health and Nutrition