Three great reasons to become a Project Manager

Have you ever thought of becoming a Project Manager? It is a highly sought after position, especially in the IT industry, with great earning potential. Have ever watched BBC’s The Apprentice and thought to yourself “I could do a better job than this lot”? Then the chances are you could, with some training of course! So, read on and find out why a career in Project Management could be the perfect career choice for you.

What is a Project Manager?

Put simply, a Project Manager is the person who looks after the planning and execution of a project overall.  They coordinate the tasks, people and resources to complete the project on-time and within budget.  It is a hard skill to master, but one well worth learning!

Reasons to become a Project Manager

Project Management Matters

Project Managers keep critical projects moving along as they are crucial to the business. They take control of the chaos and map out the project from start to finish. Project Managers encourage teamwork among those working on the project to deliver it on time.  They also manage quality to ensure the end products/services are delivered to the highest standard, whilst controlling costs and resources. Project Managers are essential to the success of a project and know how to learn from a project’s failure.


You will work with colleagues from all areas of the business on a daily basis. When a project goes well, the chances are the CEO will recognise your work and what you have done for the business. Project Managers and those around them can clearly see the impact of their work, and how their position adds value to the business. Basically, as a Project Manager you will regularly receive position recognition for simply doing your job. As a Project Manager with exposure to those in charge, you may find it helps you to progress.


As a Project Manager, it is likely that you will have multiple projects on the go. Each of the projects you’re managing are likely to be focused on different aspects of the business. No two days are the same for Project Managers so if you thrive on change and evolution then Project Management is the career for you.

How do I become a Project Manager?

There are various routes into Project Management that you could take. One route is to study a Project Management degree at university. Another route is to complete a recognised qualification through a further education provider. Open Study College offer several recognised Project Management courses that could help kick-start your career. To find out more about the Project Management courses we offer go to our website, or call a Student Adviser on 03300 563100.

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Three great reasons to become a Project Manager