11 Reasons to Study Online with Open Study College

Studying online is becoming more and more popular and there are so many benefits to this! From balancing study and work to choosing your study environment, there are so many reasons why you should enrol on an online course.

1 - Balance studying with work

Studying online is absolutely perfect for those looking to either progress their career or take it down a completely different path. The beauty of online study means you can learn for your course without having to give up work or reduce your hours. You decide your own schedule, so whether that’s sitting down on your lunch break or curled up on the sofa in the evening, you can still balance your study with your job.

2- Managing your own time

When you study online, you will eventually learn a lifelong skill which will become very attractive to future employers. As online learning is designed to be flexible around you and your life, you will need to manage your own time very effectively. This is an element of self discipline which is vital in your learning as you are in control of when you study. Although the prospect seems hard, you’ll be able to pick this up very quickly and will eventually become wonderfully independent. This is a very valuable life skill you can take with you in any job or aspect of life!

3- Location

If you are like most people, location and concentration come hand in hand. You need to be in a place which makes you feel comfortable and ready to learn. For some people this is a classroom or library, for others, it could be your favourite coffee shop with a cappuccino in hand. This can make a world of difference to concentration.
As long as you have access to the internet, you are able to study for your course, making online learning – the perfect choice!

4 - Wear what you want

It might seem silly, but what you wear when you are learning can make the world of difference! For some people, being in office and work wear will get them in work mode. However, for others, there is nothing better than sitting in your pyjamas or comfies that makes you feel more relaxed and in turn ready to learn.

5- Get ahead in your career

As mentioned before, the benefit of distance learning studying is that you are able to learn whilst you earn still!  This means you can take a course that will benefit your career in the long run and might be the difference between you getting a promotion above your co-workers!

6- Cheaper Option

Courses online with Open Study College are often much cheaper than if you were to go to a college or attend a course. You don’t need to break the bank in order to get ahead in life or your career. As everything you need to study for your course is online, this brings down prices hugely!

7- Same qualification as at school or college

The benefit of studying a course with us online is that it is exactly the same as a course and qualification you would get in school or college! This is ideal if you are perhaps struggling to cope at school or you need a full-time job to fund yourself. Our GCSE and A Levels share the same syllabus as colleges and schools. So studying online is always the better option!

8 - More choice

Compared to a college or university, there is a wider choice of courses available online! From Chicken Keeping to A levels and from beauty to accounting, you will have a range of courses right for you.

9- Less distraction

When you attend a course, whether that is in school and college or an organised course, there are so many distractions to keep you from focusing on your study. At school, it might be peers and classmates being the main distraction, whether that is disrupting the lesson or having a well needed gossip. All good at the time, but when you are trying to get a qualification, distractions take you away from the focus of study.
By studying online, you can choose to be in an environment where there are little to no distractions. This means you can get stuck into some proper studying with a focused mind.

10- Save time

With house prices pushing up and more people choosing to commute everywhere, by studying online you can reduce commute time. There is no need to spend a lot of time travelling to a location to take your course. When you study online you can simply switch on your device and wherever you have internet, you can study. So you can quite simply, wake up, put the kettle on and settle down at home to study. Or, if you prefer, walk down to your local coffee shop or library and get stuck into some learning.
It also means you are able to fit in your study on your lunch break or of course on the commute in to work!

11- Flexibility

Studying online is completely flexible. All you need is access to the internet and a device you can use the internet from. So, whether it's a tablet, laptop, computer or phone - whichever is easiest for you, you can study. If you feel you study better at midnight in your garden, no problem - it is totally flexible!



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11 Reasons to Study Online with Open Study College