10 Reasons Why You're Likely to Pull a Sickie

We've all at least considered pulling a sickie at some point in our lives. Whether that's because you've woken up filled with stress and dread or you weren't sensible the night before.

Even if we've never actually followed it through, considering pulling a sickie has definitely happened at some point.

We also can come up with some of the most bizarre excuses. Anything ranging from 'my dog ate my car keys' to 'I dreamt I was at work, so I thought I was already there' (seriously)!

If you find your pulling sickie's a little too often, it might be something to do with you not enjoying your job or career.

In fact, most people who admit to pulling a sickie the reasons behind it is because they're unhappy, stressed or simply overworked. It might be time to consider changing jobs?

Here are the top reasons for pulling a sickie. Which one you're most likely to be?


Okay, so not everyone has a Monday to Friday 9-5 job and not everyone in friendship groups actually work the same hours. Sometimes, if there's a big event on which involves drinking, sacrifices need to be made. You either go and don't drink, or drink and endure the hangover for work the next day.

However, a lot of people don't think things through until it's too late when the next day you are struggling to move and calling in sick to work sounds like the best idea.

Too tired

It's simple enough. You're just too tired to handle another day at work and having a 'sick' day to spend all day in bed is very appealing to you.

People who call in sick on a Wednesday or Thursday are probably just too tired to handle work.


For some, it's a positive day. Start of the working week, fresh and full of positivity. For others, it's the worst day of the week and if you're one of these people, you're probably likely to pull a sickie simply because it's Monday.


Some of us feel like a two day weekend isn't enough. In fact, we need more time. If you're someone who would rather call in sick and start the weekend early, you're probably likely to do this because it's a Friday.

Break up

Breakups aren't nice. Even if you're the one that did the breaking up. If you've broken up with your significant other the night before your working day, you're probably likely to call in sick.

No one wants to be crying into their keyboard and you really don't want all the questions, so pulling a sickie seems the most sensible option. Particularly if the person you've broken up with works in the same office! Best to avoid that one for a day or so...


So you've found the perfect holiday at a bargain price, you might have even booked it, you've put your holiday request in but it's been denied. Your definitely not missing out on that great deal, nor are you cancelling it, so you pull a sickie so you can go on the holiday you were planning to go on.

Definitely not obvious to your employer...

Sports on TV

Big sports events such as the world cup, the Olympics or sometimes even just a regular football match, can be a reason why you might decide to pull a sickie.


Whether that's your personal life or your job that is causing you so much stress, you might feel like pulling a sickie to avoid work for the day. If your job is causing you too much stress, perhaps consider a less stressful job so you're more likely to want to go into work!

You're at a job interview

It's always an awkward situation when you are looking for another job whilst trying to maintain your position at your current job. If you've been offered a last minute interview, it might be hard to request the time off so pulling a sickie seems like the only option to avoid any awkwardness.

You don't want to be at work

This is a major reason but something you're likely to do if you really hate your job. If the thought of being at work fills you with dread it might be time to consider changing your job or career!

If you find yourself ticking off a lot of these reasons from the list, it is probably time to consider a change of job or career! It's also much easier than you think.

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10 Reasons Why You’re Likely to Pull a Sickie