The importance of one-to-one tuition

15 Nov

The government has scrapped Labour’s one-to one tuition scheme for struggling students, which was to be implemented in 2011.

Labour had pledged to provide one-to-one teaching for any pupils who fell behind the national standard in primary school or early secondary school. These budget cuts have caused outrage in the educational community, from those who recognise the importance of personal tuition.

Many parents and teachers have seen the benefits of one-to-one tuition first hand and think that any reductions in this area can only have a negative effect on children’s learning. A recent study has shown that based upon 40 hours of one-to-one tuition with reading, children have improved their reading age by almost 2 years. Numeracy help on an individual basis has also seen a positive impact, with pupils progressing by 14 months after just 20 hours of teaching.

Every learner deserves tuition

This research has highlighted the importance of the availability of one-to-one help with learning, and here at Open Study College we believe that personal tuition should be available to everybody in education.

At Open Study College, every student receives support from their dedicated personal tutor, who will be with you every step of the way. When you need help with your course, simply phone or email your tutor and they will be there to advise and guide you.

Social Care tutor, Pamela Cook, says; “Remember that no matter how small or silly you might think your question is, we’ve heard it all before and we are happy to help; that’s what we’re here for. Don’t suffer in silence, get in touch and get your answer.”

The tutors here at Open Study College have been enlisted for their outstanding professional backgrounds, as we only recruit the best and most qualified individuals. We have a wide range of tutors on our team which means we can offer courses that other home learning colleges are unable to provide!

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