Female students and “feminine” subjects

19 Jul

A recent study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency suggests that despite being encouraged to enter male-dominated industries, women are still favouring the more traditional subjects.

Computer science fields were made up of 24% female students in 2005, compared to 19% in 2010. The same is said for mathematical science, engineering and technology, with women opting to study creative arts, teaching and qualifications in nutrition and nursing. 

Peter Hicks, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, is concerned with this recurring trend. Hicks said, “we need to be very worried that …these figures are low and not getting any better. The UK… can’t afford to lose what is effectively half of its talent.”

The associated gender roles in careers are also having a negative effect for the boys. According to statistics, men only make up 15% of the teaching profession. Another female-dominated area is Animal Care, with women making up to 77% of students of Veterinary Sciences.

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